Talking Modern Leadership with Sandi Coryell

Musician Frank Zappa said 'You can't have progress unless you deviate' and we're here to talk about how you can take that philosophy and turn it into a great leadership, success, and business advantage Global Leadership Consultant, Speaker, and Author of The Deviant Advantage: Sandi Coryell talks about how you can develop strong and adaptable leadership skills that will help you get the best out of yourself, your people, and your business whether times are good or your getting smacked in the face with strong headwinds. Imagine what your success would look like if you could get your head in the game and keep it there no matter what pressure you are under; develop a blockbuster influence that gets people to buy into and support your ideas without having to jump through so many hoops; separate yourself or your business from all of the competitors out there so that you become First Choice; and develop such a strong culture that the best people line up to work for your company. We'll talk about how you can make that happen!
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Talking Modern Leadership with Sandi Coryell


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Sep 23, 2015

The difference between a leader saying 'I apologize, we messed up. It won't happen again." and 'I apologize, my team member completely screwed up in the worst possible way' is the difference between building strong relationships with your team, your clients, and your customers or chipping away at all of the credibility you've earned.


Let's talk why it's so important for leaders to 'man up' and take responsibility for those inevitable mistakes.